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Naples is the city of a thousand facets. Style, creativity and elegance meet in its alleys. This story begins in 1893, the year of birth of the Fusaro shirt factory, thanks to the forefather Antonio who gives life to an artisan workshop in Naples, the first shop in via Toledo, the nerve center of Naples at the end of the 19th century, was born as a small artisan shop to later become a real Neapolitan institution. Shortly thereafter, the production of many dresses much loved by connoisseurs, the attention to detail and the stylistic skill decreed the immediate success of the shirts.

The new Fusaro Antonio brand represents the fourth generation at work, the perfect union of history and contemporaneity. The company retains a family character within an innovative environment, a passion that is handed down from father to son with the desire to improve and create something truly impeccable, which allows it to differentiate itself from the others and to resist change. of the markets. The choice of always new, highly prized fabrics, the combination of colors and the continuous search for models have created a mix of great charm and suggestion. For a dynamic, classic, contemporary man who is always looking for his own style.

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